Cowdray House, Midhust, West Sussex title banner, a history of a magnificent 16th Cent house, destroyed by fire in the late 18th Cent
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North Range
Only the foundations of the north range remain to indicate its plan. It was 109 foot long and 14 foot wide, internally and two stories in height. In the middle were two large bays of three stories that projected from both the north and south sides of the range. The bay on the south was flanked by two turrets, the one on the east containing a stair, the western being a garderobe, or privy. Little is known about the ground floor, but the first is known to have been one long gallery. It was in this gallery that the valuables of the house were stored while the rest of Cowdray was being renovated and as the great fire also started in this wing, resulted in their destruction. A large garderobe tower, that served all the floors, was sited at the western end on the north side.

North West Corner
The north-west corner block of Cowdray was three stories high. Now only a pillar of brick remains in the corner. It was here, on the second floor, that the fateful fire started on the night of the 24th September 1793.

Gate House
To the south was a two storied range joining with the gatehouse. It had one large ground floor room and two bed chambers, the Yellow and Damask, on the first floor. These were lighted by a bay on the east side and the windows along the west front. Only a small portion of the west wall stands above ground level, the rest, except for the gatehouse wall to the south has fallen. The three storied gatehouse stands in the centre of the west range. To the north of the spacious gateway hall was the keepers lodge. The two western turrets were empty, except for a fire in the north one, while the eastern had stairs to the upper floors. These two were surmounted by domes toped by vanes. The gatehouse is now just a shell with all the floors missing; it was known that the billiard room was on the first floor. The old bell-pulls on the northeast and southwest turrets are still in their place, as is a bracket for holding a lamp on the north-west turret. Although both the clock faces have gone, the single clock hand on the western side of the gatehouse is still in place. The range to the south of the gatehouse was similar to that of the north, except it had three ground floor rooms and the first floor was occupied by the Red Bed Chamber. Only the western wall of the section is till standing.

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