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Web Design Service

Choose either the total package, or any of its components:

Initial stage:
What do you need a web site for?
What kind of web site do you need?
Who are your target audience?
How will it be accessed or promoted?
Advice on selecting a web host
Choosing and registering a domain name

Creating a corporate style
Establishing the content and design layout
Developing a flexible menu/navigation system
Generating graphics and photography for the web
Inserting and editing your copy into the design
Publishing to your chosen web server
Registering with search engines

Site Management:
On-call site management (Webmaster)
Full training for either partial, or full self-service up-dating and editing

Client retains full copyright and editorial control over content and will hold details of all site access codes.

Clients I have worked with include:

The Harley Street General Practice - www.thehsgp.co.uk - Information
The Ridgeway Dental Surgery - www.irfanahmadtrds.co.uk - Information
Trident Public Relations - www.tridenttraining.co.uk - Information
Alex Moulton Bicycles - www.alexmoulton.co.uk - Information
RESCUE - www.rescue-archaeology.freeserve.co.uk - Information
COLAS - www.colas.org.uk - Information
The Courage To Sing - www.thecouragetosing.co.uk - Information
Vivienne Silver-Leigh - www.breathingspace.fslife.co.uk - Information
Catherine Roberts - www.cathyroberts.fslife.co.uk - Information
Moulton Bicycle Club - www.moultoneers.net - Information


18 July, 2005

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