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16:9 ratio line-up slide
4:3 ratio line-up slide

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3:2 ratio line-up slide

Useful Tips
35mm stuff

PowerPoint Line-up grids

Three specially designed PowerPoint files that aid the alignment of
data projectors for large screen presentations

4:3 ratio format - for normal "on-screen" presentations.
This normal "TV" of video format

3:2 ratio format - the old 35mm "slide" format.

16:9 ratio format - the new wide screen format
Gives a modern, naturalistic feel

It is very important not to mix formats at the same event. If you are one of a number of presenters, use the standard 3:4 ratio unless instructed otherwise.

The files are saved in PowerPoint Show format (.pps), so will automatically display in full screen show mode when opened.

11 June, 2003

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