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Useful Tips
35mm stuff

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Here are some free hints and tips that may help your next presentation, either creatively or by helping you out of a fix. There are also some free downloads!

Setting up and connecting your laptop to a projection system; different ways of running Slide Show and playing imbedded media.

Line-up Slides
Line-up grids for common formats of PowerPoint presentations that will help you or your projectionist make adjustments to a data projector. They are in PowerPoint Show format, so will automatically display in full screen show mode when opened.

Useful Tips
A short selection of handy hints to make sure your presentation is put together properly.

35mm Stuff
Before PowerPoint (even before Microsoft) presentations where made using the trusty 35mm slide and (often) lots of Carousel slide projectors. Recall some of those days here and learn of the lost art of the Slide-Tape Audio-Visual Presentation!

23 May, 2006

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