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AV History

In the early days the medium for conference presentations was, slide-tape - the synchronisation of one or more (usually very many more) 35mm slide projectors to a sound track - for presentation to all kinds of audiences. The high quality of 35mm (and sometimes large format) slides have never been surpassed, but with the arrival of the recession of the late 80s, followed by advent of Mr. Gate's stable Windows 3 (TM) operating system and his Office suite of software, it put basic creation media into the hands of the end users (and their secretaries).

Throughout the 1990s the vast improvements in data projection technology has made it the norm for business people around the world to turn up at a conference, plug in their laptop computer and present to large audience using Microsoft PowerPoint, or similar software.

The recovery of the economy also restored the work for us old creative and technical presentation technicians. Professional services are now used to create outstanding presentations and experienced presentation engineers are required for the seamless integration of large-screen, large audience multimedia business presentations.

23 May, 2006

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