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SImon & Schuster
Anne Cussack
Lehman Bros
Hewlett Package, Stratford-on-Avon 2002
Towers Perrin, Frankfurt 2002
Simon & Schuster, Brugges 2003

Recent Work
PowerPoint Training

Introducing PowerPoint
Successful PowerPoint Presentations
PowerPoint Templates
PowerPoint as a Design Tool


Presentation and Conference Design

Working to achieve effective Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations.

Make your presentation stand out from the crowd.

MS PowerPoint is a powerful and flexible tool designed for creating presentations of all kinds. Your work can be used on screen, the web, video, CD or as a printed handout, made into a poster or 35mm slide.

I offer Presentation Design Services through:

Editing presentation scripts
Designing master template(s)
Creating graphics and photography
Laying of text
Including audio visual media: movies, annimation, audio
Programming annimation effects and transitions
Creating printed handouts
Linking or merging of existing or guest presentations
On-site editing and operating


Training in how to get the best out of MS PowerPoint
Making your presentation stand out for all the right reasons
Guide to using MS PowerPoint as a design tool for other applications
MS PowerPoint as an interactive tool

13 July, 2005

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